1. Take time in making a decision

What type of dog is the right fit for your family or home: Do you live in an apartment, or a house with a yard? Do you or your family travel? Who will be there to let your dog out when you are not home?

2. Adopting means getting your pup from a shelter

Even though there are many wonderful dogs waiting in shelters for someone to adopt them, breeders and pet stores continue to produce and sell animals. For every dog bought from a pet store or breeder, a dog in a shelter has to be put to sleep.

3. Make sure your family’s can afford a pet

Dogs require a lot of care that can quickly add up. When you’re responsible for a dog, you need to spend money on regular and be prepared for yearly vaccinations, monthly heartworm prevention, emergency vet visits (just like humans, dogs can have medical emergencies!), bedding, a collar and harness, high-quality dog food, treats, toys, grooming & more.


Every year 6 to 8 million animals in the U.S. are left at animal shelters, and half of them are put to sleep just because there aren’t enough homes. Can you imagine if you were killed because there wasn’t enough room for you? The only way to help stop this is to make sure that no more unwanted puppies / kittens are born.

5. Dog tags and microchipping are also a must!

Accidents happen and you never know if & when your dog will get lost or run away. Get a collar with proper tags that have your dog’s name and at least two phone numbers for you or your family. Microchipping (a simple procedure that the vet can do) and as cheap as $25 is another great way to make sure your dog gets back home again! If you move, make sure you update the tags and give the microchip company your new information. Ask your vet for more information.

6. Don’t forget about your pet’s nails, teeth & fur

Dogs’ nails should be trimmed regularly so that they don’t break, get snagged on something or interfere with normal walking—if dogs’ nails grow too long, it can affect their gait & even their nervous system. Brushing dogs regularly helps prevent matting & increases circulation to the skin. Dental health is important for overall health, so remember to brush your dog’s teeth weekly. Introduce the toothbrush slowly and gradually, with lots of positive reinforcement. Some pups need professional grooming.  Dogs don’t really need baths very often. It’s only necessary if they have a skin condition or if they roll in something smelly or dirty, so don’t go overboard with the shampoo—it can dry out their skin and remove important natural oils if used too often.

7. Watch what your dog eats

Some foods that are fine for people to eat can be poisonous to dogs. There are many “human foods” that could be harmful—chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, and more. It’s also important to feed a high quality dog food and treats, and be careful not to overfeed it causes major health problems in dogs & makes them very uncomfortable.

8. Dogs need toys, entertainment & exercise

Before adopting a dog, it’s important to pup-proof your home. Hide dangerous items such as chemicals, & electrical wiring. Leave plenty of dog-friendly chew toys out. People don’t realize just how much exercise their new pooch will really need. Dogs need to go on at least one long walk every single day. Play games like fetch or hide and seek with your dog to help release some of energy. As they say, “A tired dog is a well-behaved dog.”

9. Start training your new dog ASAP.

This is a big one. The key to having a happy dog is setting clear rules and boundaries. It’s important to guide new pups with positive rewards. They’ll repeat good behavior if they’re praised for it—just like human kiddos! DO NOT PLACE IN CRATE OR YELL TO DISCIPLINE. The crate should be a safe happy place for the animal.

10. Prevent fleas, ticks, and worms.

EACH DOG SHOULD HAVE REGULARLY MONTHLY PREVENTION FOR FLEAS, TICKS AND HEARTWORMS. All of these are preventable & just one mosquito can cause heartworms, which is hundreds sometimes, thousands of dollars to treat. (Heartgard & Triheart are common preventions).

11. NEVER leave your dog chained up outdoors … NEVER NEVER leave your dog in the car!

It is illegal. Temperatures inside cars can skyrocket in a matter of minutes—even if it’s not particularly hot outside. If you see a dog locked inside a hot car, report it to the police or animal control immediately.

12. Give your canine pal plenty of love & affection.

Remember, adopting an animal is for life and although a dog’s life is much shorter than a human’s It goes by quickly, so be your dog's and show your love every single day!

Saving Hope Rescue Adoption Agreement

This agreement is by and between Saving Hope Rescue and   ____________________________________________________, the adopter: Saving Hope Rescue agrees to relinquish ownership, responsibility and possession of a dog known as ______________________,  to the adopter, upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth. Saving Hope Rescue has made every effort to provide to the adopter an accurate history and assessment of the dog; however, Saving Hope Rescue does not warranty or guarantee the medical status, behavior or disposition of the dog. adopter agrees to pay an adoption fee of $350.00 (dog 0‐12 months), $250 (dog 1‐6 years) or $200.00 (senior dog, age 7 and older) to Saving Hope Rescue for the dog.

Upon the execution of this adoption agreement, adopter releases, indemnifies and holds harmless Saving Hope Rescue, its officers, directors and agents from any and all liability of any and every nature and cause, directly or indirectly relating to the dog. Adopter hereby affirms and declares: 1) That he/she has read, understands and will abide by the Terms and Conditions of Adoption, which are attached hereto and are made a part of this ADOPTION AGREEMENT; 2) That he/she willingly assumes full responsibility for the dog, including but not limited to food, health care, licensing, shelter and general well‐being of the dog; 3) That all information provided on the Adoption Application that the adopter filed with Saving Hope Rescue is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge; 4) That he/she does not engage in the sale of animals and has never been charged or ticketed with cruelty to an animal; 5) That he/she is adopting the dog as a companion animal; and 6) That he/she is signing this ADOPTION AGREEMENT of his/her own free will and is not under duress of any kind to enter the agreement.

Executed this _______ day of ___________, 2018

ADOPTER: X_____________________________________   

Name: ________________________________    Address: ______________________________       ______________________________   

Phone: ________________________________    E‐mail: ________________________________   

Saving Hope Rescue Representative: X__________________________________

Name: _____________________________ Phone: _____________________________ Email: ______________________________


Completed form should be mailed to: Saving Hope Rescue 2208 Indian Creek Fort Worth, TX 76107


I/We agree to the conditions set forth below, which hereby incorporated into the ADOPTION AGREEMENT attached hereto.

Saving Hope Rescue will not place a rescued dog into your home if there are dogs in the house that are not spayed/neutered. All dogs 6 months and older will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  If adopting a puppy under 6 months old, adopter agrees to spay/neuter the dog by_______________(date) and understands that if this is not done, Saving Hope Rescue considers this a breach of contract, and the dog becomes possession of Saving Hope Rescue immediately.  Saving Hope Rescue covers the cost of the spay/neuter at an approved veterinarian. Initial_______

The adopter agrees to have the adopted dog examined by his/her veterinarian within five (5) days from the date of adoption.  During the exam, if the adopted dog is found to have a previously unknown medical condition the adopter does not wish to treat, the adopter must return the adopted dog to Saving Hope Rescue with written confirmation from the examining veterinarian stating the medical condition.  Upon written confirmation and the safe return of the adopted dog, this contract will be deemed null and void and any fees collected by Saving Hope Rescue will be refunded to the adopter. Initial_______

The ownership and responsibility for the dog is solely that of the adopter.  If the adopter no longer finds that he/ she is able to maintain ownership of a Saving Hope Rescue adopted dog, the adopter agrees to return the adopted dog to Saving Hope Rescue.  Saving Hope Rescue does not refund any amount of the adoption donation for dogs being relinquished. Initial_______

Saving Hope Rescue retains the right to reclaim the dog when warranted because of neglect, abuse, inadequate home or veterinary care or breach of contract. Initial_______

The adopter agrees to relinquish custody of the dog to Saving Hope Rescue immediately upon request without legal writ or order until the situation warranting the reclamation is rectified. Initial_______

Adopter WILL NOT abandon, sell or give the DOG to any other party or in any other manner transfer ownership of the dog to another party. Initial_______

Adopter agrees to keep the dog as a house dog, not a kennel dog. Adopter further agrees to provide a fenced yard for exercising the dog. The dog will not be kept chained or on a tie‐out at any time. Tie‐outs are not substitutes for a fenced yard run. The fence should be an actual physical barrier capable of confining a dog. Initial_______

Adopter will provide a collar with appropriate license, rabies, and identification tags for the DOG to wear at all times. This dog has been micro‐chipped for his/her and your protection. Adopter will not train the DOG for attack, nor will he/she allow the DOG to engage in any dog fighting activity. Initial_______

Adopter will not allow the dog to be used in experiments or research of any kind. Initial_______

Adopter agrees to notify Saving Hope Rescue of any change in address or phone number, so that Saving Hope Rescue may restore the dog to the adopter should the dog become lost and returned to Saving Hope Rescue. This dog has been micro‐chipped, so Saving Hope Rescue may be contacted if the dog gets lost. Initial_______

Adopter agrees to provide quality veterinary care for the dog, including DHLPP booster and regular rabies vaccination, annual tests for heartworm, and monthly heartworm preventative as advised by the veterinarian. Adopter agrees to seek prompt veterinary care when indicated by symptoms or an emergency. Adopter will arrange for a licensed veterinarian to perform euthanasia should it becomes necessary. Initial_______