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  • Foster AGREES to care and love ANY foster dog given to them by Saving Hope as if it were my own.  

  • Foster AGREES to provide the dog with exercise, basic obedience training and housetraining.  


  • Foster UNDERSTANDS that all dogs placed in foster care need to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If I receive an unfixed dog, Saving Hope may request that I schedule an appointment with a designated Saving Hope veterinarian and assist in transporting the dog to and from the appointment. If I cannot arrange to do the transport myself, I will call my Saving Hope representative and assist in any way I can.

  • Foster UNDERSTANDS that no dog CAN be adopted before being spayed or neutered.

  • Foster has READ and UNDERSTANDS the approved veterinarian list, available TCAP locations and how to make an appointment under Saving Hope at TCAP.


  • Foster UNDERSTANDS that all basic medical expenses for each foster dog that comes into my care will be covered by Saving Hope, provided that an authorized Saving Hope representative has approved the medical expenses, and the care is from a Saving Hope designated veterinarian.  

  • Foster UNDERSTANDS that if I choose to go to a vet of my choosing, I may be responsible for the vet bill.  

  • Foster UNDERSTANDS that Saving Hope with reimburse for necessary supplies listed on the covered expenses list.

  • Foster UNDERSTANDS how to be reimbursed for said purchases. Saving Hope appreciates willingness to donate toward the dog’s general expenses, such as treats, toys, etc., and Saving Hope will offer donated items, as available, for use by foster homes (Such general expenses, if paid for by a foster home and not by Saving Hope, may be tax deductible.) Crates can be lent to foster homes and returned to Saving Hope when a foster dog is adopted.


  • Foster AGREES to assist in getting a photo and short biography of each foster dog that comes into my care to a Saving Hope representative (the Foster Coordinator).


  • Foster UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES that any potential adopter MUST be screened, interviewed and approved by an authorized Saving Hope representative. I understand that my input will be appreciated and a part of the process, and that the final decision to place or not to place any particular dog with any particular potential adopter will be made by an authorized Saving Hope representative.  

  • Foster AGREES to let Saving Hope know if prospective adopters may contact me directly by phone or email.


Foster understands that the following protocol should be followed regarding children in the house

  • Do not under any under any circumstances leave a child unattended with any dog.

  • Do not leave bones around the house when children are present and be cautious and observant when children are eating and the dog is in the room.

  • Should you have ANY concerns or feel uncomfortable with a situation between the dog and a child contact your foster liaison or a senior Saving Hope Representative.


Foster understands that even if this animal has been housed with cats in its foster home that Saving Hope cannot guarantee the behavior with a new cat(s) will be the same. Please use caution when introducing a new dog to existing cats in the household. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact a Saving Hope representative.


Foster understands that the following protocol should be followed when bringing additional dogs into the house

  • Do not leave multiple dogs at home in the same room unattended.

  • Do not feed the dogs in the same room and don’t leave toys and treats laying around the house.


  • Foster UNDERSTANDS that the Saving Hope ID tag must be worn on the dog’s collar at all times, because this is its link to back to Saving Hope.  If the dog loses its tag, I agree to immediately contact Saving Hope for a new one.

  • Foster AGREES to keep each foster dog that comes into my care on a leash when outside my home or my own securely fenced yard.

  • Foster UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES that no foster dog that comes into my care will be allowed to run or play off leash in a dog park or other open public area.

  • Foster UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES that I am responsible for the safety of each foster dog that comes into my care, for the safety of other dogs and people the dog comes into contact with.  

  • Foster AGREES to immediately notify my Saving Hope contact in the event of a missing or injured foster dog.

  • Foster UNDERSTANDS that if I decide to adopt a foster dog in my care, I must go through the adoption process, including paying the requested donation. (Donations are used to help cover costs to save and help more dogs.)

  • Foster UNDERSTANDS that any foster in my care must be kept indoors unless attended outside and will not kept outside to sleep under any circumstances

  • Foster promises to notify Saving Hope if any fostered dog in my care is in need of veterinary care such as vaccinations, routine testing and refill of heartworm preventive or treatment for illness.  

Save Hope retains the right to remove a foster dog from my care at any time.

These terms and conditions also  provides for the release of liability of Saving Hope and its volunteers on account of the actions of any dog of any breed, which has been released into the ownership of Saving Hope and placed into the care of a Foster Care Provider.

Saving Hope Foster Coordinator

Laura Conway - Ph: (940) 210-2927 -

To Schedule TCAP Spay/Neuter Contact:

Tania Inigo Ph: (817) 909-3469


Lauren Meekins Anton - Ph: (214) 914-7368 -